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KYDS Coalition Committees - Get Involved

Come join our prevention efforts...

The KYDS Coalition has several committees that are open to any interested community member. The committees were developed so that members of the community could become involved in the KYDS Coalition through an area of interest.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is responsible for gathering data, conducting needs assessments, exploring program expansion or revision based on needs assessment, planning prevention strategies of the KYDS Coalition, and overseeing the DFCSP grant goals and objectives.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for planning and implementing public presentations, advertising the efforts of the KYDS Coalition, media campaigns and any other media efforts of the KYDS Coalition.

School Committee

The School Committee is responsible for ascertaining the specific needs of the member school districts including training, program supplies, consultation with the Executive Board, program implementation and evaluation and changes in program needs.

Resource and Development Committee

The Resource and Development Committee is responsible for seeking for funding based on short-term goals and long-term objectives of the Coalition.

Youth, Family and Community Committee

The Youth, Family and Community Committee is responsible for working towards developing Community Action Teams in participating districts and communities and organizing and planning community events.

B.C. SAFE Committee

Broome County Suicide Awareness for Families and Educators (B.C. SAFE) is a subcommittee of KYDS Coalition dedicated to prevention of youth suicide. The mission of B.C. SAFE is to reduce the number of youth suicides and suicide attempts by increasing public awareness and providing educational and training resources to teens, parents, and educators of Broome County.

Membership and Nominating Committee (Executive Board members only)

The Membership and Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing new member applications, recruiting new members based on Partnership needs, nominating Executive Board members for office.



If you are interested in joining the KYDS Coalition prevention efforts or want more information contact the KYDS Coalition Project Specialist at 607.778.1146 or We would love for you to join us!!


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