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About Us

KYDS Coalition Mission Statement

The Broome County Youth Prevention Partnership is Keeping Youth Drug-free and Safe (KYDS Coalition) is committed to reducing substance abuse among youth of our area. The KYDS Coalition targets those factors existing in our community that place our youth at risk for substance abuse and identifies factors that create protection for our youth. By using science-based prevention programs the KYDS Coalition endeavors to fight risk factors and enhance protective factors. The KYDS Coalition seeks to enhance community collaboration and increase community awareness in order to combat youth substance abuse and create a healthier, safer community.

KYDS Coalition Vision Statement

The Broome County Youth Prevention Partnership is a collaborative effort to create opportunities for supportive, healthy, drug-free youth, families and neighborhoods in Broome County.

Broome County Youth Prevention Partnership is Keeping Youth Drug-free and Safe (KYDS)

The Broome County Youth Prevention Partnership – “Keeping Youth Drug-free and Safe” (KYDS Coalition) is a board of community agencies initially brought together to oversee the State Incentive Cooperative Agreement (SICA) Project in order to ensure the development of science based substance abuse prevention programs in Broome County.

The KYDS Coalition utilizes the Communities That Care (CTC) model as a means to guide prevention strategies. CTC can be applied to substance abuse as well as other high-risk behaviors in children. The coalition is dedicated to strengthening existing partnerships at the local level between traditional and non-traditional substance abuse prevention systems and activities.

The KYDS Coalition conducted an initial multifaceted needs assessment that incorporated CTC student self-report surveys, student focus groups, survey of Broome County parents, Community Resource Assessment and a Comprehensive Risk Profile. The purpose of this needs assessment was to provide qualitative and quantitative data unique to the Broome County community in order to inform and guide future community programming decisions.

The KYDS Coalition secured a Federal Drug Free Communities Support Program (DFCSP) Grant to obtain additional funding for five years for continuation and expansion of this Coalition. The KYDS Coalition is expanding to include other school districts in the Broome/Tioga BOCES districts, some of which are rural districts as well as other districts already implementing the CTC model. The KYDS Coalition is at a point where they could rapidly expand the CTC model to other school districts not already involved with CTC if funding sources were available. As a result of data collection through the community needs assessment the KYDS Coalition has been able to assist other entities to access funding one of which is the Western Broome Family Support Center Coalition. Reports of the needs assessment are on KYDS Coalition Website. Department heads, agencies and school districts are involved and active members of the Board.