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Public Works

The Department of Public Works is comprised of 6 different divisions that provide valuable services to enhance the community. The divisions include: Administration, Engineering, Building and Grounds, Security, Highway and Solid Waste Management.

Through the combined efforts of these branches the County:

  • Maintains 17 campuses.
  • 343.24 centerline miles of roads.
  • Provides security to a multitude of events and venues.
  • Directs new infrastructure projects through consultant management architect-engineer, design, planning, estimating, construction and inspection.

Commissioner of Public Works Daniel A. Schofield
Management Associate-DPW Susan Brown
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works/Engineering Leslie G. Boulton, P.E.
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works/Buildings and Grounds Harry Miller
Director of Security Services Jim Dadamio
Director of Highways Patrick K. Latting
Acting Deputy Commissioner of Public Works/ Solid Waste Management
Daniel A. Schofield

Department of Public Works Divisions:

Administration Division
Engineering Division
Buildings & Grounds Division
Security Division
Highway Division
Solid Waste Management Division

2014 Annual Report